Thursday, March 15, 2012

Water, water everywhere

Water disgrace - The privatised monopolies whining about their inability to supply a basic commodity to the people of Britain should be forced to secure their supplies by building a national grid. With their money, not ours (though it would still be a cheaper and wiser investment of public funds than a high-speed rails-for-the-rich train trip from Birmingham to London.


What Cameron should be telling Obama (assuming he knows, which is doubtful): In 1842 the British army suffered one of its worst humiliations when it retreated from Afghanistan and was so badly destroyed only one man made it back to India. Nothing much has changed in the last 170 years. We are doing no good and we should get out now before more people die unnecessarily.


Is there actually any difference between a civil partnership and a gay wedding?


Why is Cameron proposing to take on the village green preservation societies across the country by ripping up the planning rule book and allowing a development free-for-all? The Tories say it’s to boost the economy but property companies are already doing better than for many years and they have plenty of land already available to keep them busy. This is another unnecessary battle the Conservatives are waging against their natural supporters.


Forget a tycoon tax or a mansion tax – what we need is a new fund to funnel bankers’ bonuses into small businesses. In next week’s Budget, Chancellor George Osborne should kill two birds with one stone if he made rich bankers put their money to use for the good of the economy.


Why is the Government planning to ban people from displaying their Christianity?


As TV programmes are accused of breaking the law, why is it OK to promote gambling these days? It used to be regarded as worse than smoking and drinking – now half the Premiership teams have betting company sponsors. The National Lottery made it respectable despite the misery gambling can cause.


I always felt it was a failing on my part that The Smiths always left me cold, no matter how many people seem to regard them as Gods. But after Morrissey's performance in Argentina I'm pleased to realise I was right all along. They were dreadful and Morrissey still is.


Australian farmland investment said...

Afghanistan - you are spot on. Its madness, they've been fighting each other or outsides for hundreds of years. I am reminded of the old Kiplink poem: "When you're wounded and lying on Afghanistan's plains; and the women come out to cut-up what remains; just role to your rifle and blow out your brains." A bit depressing that, but captures exactly Afghanistan and its people - GET OUT NOW!

Anonymous said...

Water Grid - only non engineers would think thats a good idea. Basic Physics (and a working knowledge of the weight of water)means that moving water long distances with little head drop will cost enormous amounts of energy & money. How about instead getting customers to pay a reasonable amount for their 'on tap' service. Perhaps then the water supplied from the tap would be appreciated........and dont even start about the cost and quality of bottled water

nigel hastilow said...

If it's so environmentally disastrous to move water around, how come Severn Trent are now selling water to Thames Water and how did they manage to get the canals to work?