Monday, January 28, 2013

Today, tomorrow, some time, never

It's all about politics. David Cameron does not want to leave the European Union. He does not want a referendum on the question either.
What he wants is to win the next General Election and even the Euro elections which take place next year.
So, to give himself half a chance while keeping his own Eurosceptics happy and wrong-footing the Labour Party, he is holding out the possibility of a referendum.
Not today, not tomorrow, but sometime or never.
He's got to renegotiate our EU membership and win the next General Election first. Two possibly insurmountable hurdles.
So why all the excitement?
Because at least a Prime Minister is holding out the vague possibility that we can take control of our own destiny.
It is a little odd he is proposing a referendum while at the same time arguing that we must vote Yes to staying in the EU when the time comes.
But it's better than nothing, I suppose, and it is a triumph for those people who have argued for decades that the British people were duped into agreeing to remain in the Common Market and have been ignored ever since.
If it ever comes to an in-out referendum we know all the power, all the money, all the vested interests and all the pressure will be on one side of the argument.

All of it designed to thwart the will of the people which is (despite some dubious polls organised by a company with direct links to the EU Commission) firmly against being swallowed up into a European super-state.
I don’t think we should be fooled into believing this is anything but another ploy to keep Britain inside the European Union.

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Anne Palmer said...

We here in the UK have been promised a referendum after and IF the Conservatives get in through the next General Election in 2015. The people realise now, more than ever, that ALL THREE MAJOR POLITICAL PARTIES WANT TO REMAIN IN THE EUROPEAN UNION -FOREVER. So why would those that want out of the EU vote for any one of them? It is time to put OUR COUNTRY BEFORE ANY POLITICAL PARTY YOU MIGHT BE IN. And this may well be the last chance WE will have to save our Country from permanent foreign rule.

Regarding the proposed EU Referendum. I believe, that should the people vote "YES" to remain in the EU, not only would this Country have to remain in the EU FOREVER-for I can not see another REFERENDUM on this Subject being allowed, for a "YES" in the promised REFERENDUM would, I suggest, destroy and over-ride our very own Common Law Constitution-ALL OF IT. Is it, "Get the people to 'do the evil deed' themselves"? A referendum suggests that our Constitution is negotiable. It is NOT negotiable, never has been and never will be. However, always be aware that there are those that are trying very hard to destroy it. Overthrowing our Constitution is treason: conspiring to overthrow our Constitution is treason: contemplating overthrowing our Constitution is treason and inciting other people to overthrow our Constitution, as in calling for an "IN" or "OUT" of the EU referendum, is also treason. This is the reason why it has remained for hundreds of years.

I have and am suggesting that we use the coming GENERAL ELECTION as the REFERENDUM we have been promised but not yet had, and only vote for those Political Parties or Organisation that want OUT of the EU. To put your Country before your Political Party. I doubt you will ever get another opportunity to be free from EU Rule.

Our Constitution forbids us to encourage foreigners in any way-yes, even financially- in the Governing of this, our Country in any way at all. "…all usurped and foreign power and authority…may forever be clearly extinguished, and never used or obeyed in this realm. …no foreign prince, person, prelate, state, or potentate…shall at any time after the last day of this session of Parliament, use, enjoy or exercise any manner of power, jurisdiction, superiority, authority, preeminence or privilege…within this realm, but that henceforth the same shall be clearly abolished out of this realm, for ever."

As those before us fought two World Wars to keep this Country free from foreign rule, the people of "TODAY" now have their Duty to do, too. In a way in which no one has to lose their lives for-perhaps the second Glorious Revolution?