Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The rest is silence....

Enoch Powell was right to warn that uncontrolled immigration would change the country dramatically.

That’s what I said when I “embarrassed” the Conservative Party so much I was thereafter blackballed as a Parliamentary candidate.

But it seems even Enoch didn’t realise quite how prophetic he was being. It’s reasonable to assume he had no idea that 30 years after his “Rivers of Blood” speech we’d get a Government determined to do that very thing – change the country dramatically.

Labour’s immigration policies – or, to be more accurate, Labour’s open-house policy – have been a cause for controversy for many years.

Now, though, we have confirmation of what many of us suspected all along. The open-house policy was not the result only of the party’s belief that the economy could only be sustained by large-scale immigration.

It was a calculated, deliberate – and secret- policy of social engineering. Labour wants a multi-cultural society, for its own sake, and in order to “rub the Right’s noses in it”.

Of course there’s the additional benefit from Labour’s point of view that it is traditionally the party which gets the votes of these hundreds of thousands of people who are encouraged to come into Britain.

But over the past decade, the Conservative Party has pussyfooted around the fringes of this debate for fear of being branded racist.

Buffoons like the disgraced Peter Hain, back in Government despite some sharp practice on the financial front, exploit every opportunity to attack “the racist under-belly” of the Conservative Party.

This terrible accusation is so powerful it cows Labour’s opponents into silence.

Surely someone, some time soon, will notice that the population of Britain is set to rise by ten million in 20 years and start to worry. Talk about “broken Britain”.

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