Tuesday, May 11, 2010

We just got fooled again

What a far-sighted political genius David Cameron is. First he becomes the “heir to Blair” then he turns the Conservatives into the Liberal Party then he absorbs them into a coalition Government.

Was this the outcome he was hoping for all along? Is that why he did so well in blowing his party’s best chance of winning outright victory at the General Election since 1979 (John Major didn’t have such a good chance but he won anyway)?

All we need now is a stitch up over proportional representation and the Tory party might as well cease to exist for all the good it will ever do.

I tip my hat to the new constitution,
Take a bow to the new revolution...

The parting on the left is now parting on the right....


MalcolmCog said...

Call Me Dave is Tory Light, no, worse than that he is almost a socialist, with no experience in the real world of nasty nine to five work, he has somehow moulded the Conservative Party to a sort of sham Blair-like organisation, with all the rules and strictures that entails.
Ho hum I still voted for my local Tory, Keely Huxtable. I suspect she was the preferred candidate, young, female & hit all of the Boy Dave buttons. She at least was a local candidate, born and bred in Northfield with a grasp of local politics.

Anonymous said...