Thursday, November 04, 2010

Eric Pickles - a correction

Turns out I was wrong to complain the Staffordshire South Conservatives were only “bullied, browbeaten and betrayed” by Eric Pickles. They were blackmailed as well.

The Tories’ answer to John Prescott told them that if they insisted on choosing Nigel Hastilow as one of the six candidates to be interviewed for the seat, he would have no hesitation in suspending the whole association and imposing three candidates of his choosing on the local party.

When asked about the letter he sent me (see blog from January 17) he just shrugged.

More news about South Staffs Conservatives coming soon

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Vote Derek Bennett Walsall South said...

Nigel, why are you bothering with this pro-EU and treacherous party? The only thing you can rely on regarding David Cameron is to break his promises. You would be most welcome in UKIP.