Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Ten policies to save the Tories

I was asked what the Conservatives should do to avoid wipe-out at the next General Election. Here are ten policies that would help the country and the Tories:

1 Start to cut taxes by taking a knife to public spending. Axe one third of all civil servants and NHS managers. Stop pouring money into left-wing quangos.

2 Demand accountability in the NHS and civil service and sack failures.

3 Build a new public-private health service to compete with and ultimately replace the NHS and allocate money according to results. Adopt European health models.

4 Privatise the BBC as well as Channel 4. Every licence holder would own one share in the BBC and these shares could be traded.

5 Give illegal immigrants/asylum-seekers the option to wear electronic tags in return for jobs and places to rent. Failure to carry out duties or pay their rent would mean immediate deportation; willingness to work would help their asylum application.

6 Use the hotels housing illegal immigrants as care homes to relieve pressure on the NHS and employ the re-housed working illegal immigrants as carers.

7 Recognise Liz Truss was right in what she tried to do but  wrong in how she tried to do it and work towards stimulating enterprise and economic growth by, among other things, taking advantage of Brexit and cutting taxes (see 1 above).

8 Wage a war on woke in all its evil guises, especially in schools, universities, the police and the public sector.

9 Axe HS2 and turn what has already been dug up into a linear country park.

10 Negotiate a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine before it's too late and encourage a voluntary boycott of Chinese goods leading to the repatriation of manufacturing industry.

Obviously, none of this will ever happen. But that's why the Tories are doomed to lose the next election. The only question is how badly?