Friday, December 09, 2011

All Cameron has vetoed is a referendum

The BBC claims: “PM David Cameron has effectively vetoed an EU-wide treaty change to tackle the eurozone crisis, saying it was not in the UK's interests.”

That’s not what he’s done.

All he has done is avoid being forced to hold a referendum on the EU while allowing the rest of the Eurozone countries to do whatever deals they like irrespective of their impact on Britain.

He has talked tough and grabbed some positive reviews for his “handbagging” of our EU friends.

But he hasn’t prevented the creation of the Superstate and, as it progresses, it will become clear that we can’t continue to be both in and out of the EU.

Eventually we will have to resolve the question on way or the other once and for all.

The only question is whether the Euro collapses before then. Which it probably will.

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