Tuesday, April 09, 2013

We name the guilty men

The people who should be ignored when commenting on Mrs Thatcher:

Nigel Lawson: Tried to shadow the Deutschmark in preparation for Britain joining the European exchange rate mechanism, forerunner to the Euro. Got it horribly wrong and couldn’t bear the fact that Mrs Thatcher was right on the issue so he stormed out in a huff. Damaged only his own reputation, which has never recovered.

Geoffrey Howe: Made the speech which precipitated Michael Heseltine’s challenge to her leadership. Madly pro-EU ex-Chancellor who thought he was cleverer than he actually was and acted out of hurt personal pride not political principle. A self-satisfied weasel rather than a dead sheep.

Michael Heseltine: The ego finally landed when he mounted his unsuccessful challenge for the Tory leadership but couldn’t win. Motivated by personal pride, pique and ridiculous ambition. Another politician undone by his unthinking support for the European Union. His overwhelming vanity would have been a disaster for Britain.

Ken Clarke: Bluff, good-ole-boy who twisted in the knife when she was down but not quite out by telling her that, despite owing his whole career to her, he would not support her in a second leadership ballot and thought she should resign rather than contest it. “She said I was being defeatist. I said she’d been defeated.” Another unrepentant Europhile who even today claims Mrs Thatcher was in support of the EU.

Chris Patten: Arch-plotter, arch-Europhile, continues to look after Number 1 with his various appointments including boss of the still disgracefully anti-Thatcher BBC. Behind Heseltine’s bid for power. Totally untrustworthy.

Tony Blair: He may have been her heir but he learned nothing (he even wanted to join the Euro and we have Gordon Brown to thank for at least avoiding that particular catastrophe) and will always remain the worst Prime Minister this country has ever been cursed with.

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