Tuesday, July 19, 2011

MPs 0 Murdochs 1

What kind of security is that? How can protesters get through to attack someone at a Parliamentary hearing?

It sums up the whole fiasco of the phone-hacking inquisition which was largely a pathetic non-event.

The only person to come out of it well was the News International emperor himself.
Rupert Murdoch started off like a deaf old man who needed his wife to keep him upright. But gradually he became forceful, passionate and you realised how this man could have built himself a global media empire.

While the father was by turns humble, proud, forceful and self-righteous, James was largely rational, reasonable and realistic.

The MPs clearly had very little idea of how a multi-national corporation is run but James’s level of ignorance of detail was somewhat surprising, given that he’s had nothing else to think about in the past couple of weeks.

And it may well be he’s had the wool pulled over his eye by his executives from time to time.

He should have known more and found out more before his appearance but still, the
MPs weren’t exactly penetrating.

This won’t put the scandal behind them but the Murdochs certainly didn’t do themselves or their empire any harm.

This will be pored over for weeks but really it was a dreary piece of afternoon telly.

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