Monday, July 18, 2011

Who? What? Where? When? Why? How?

1. If the Head of the Met resigns for employing a News International deputy editor who was not, at the time, implicated in the phone hacking scandal, where does that leave the Prime Minister?

2. The claim is that, unlike Sir Paul Stephenson, Cameron was not responsible for investigating the allegations and is therefore in a different position. But is that right?

3. Was Cameron warned and warned and warned again about the dangers of employing Andy Coulson (originally on £400,000 a year)?

4. If he chose to ignore the warnings, why was that? Was it because of the overwhelming desire to ingratiate himself with News International and the Murdoch empire?

5. If that was the case, was it justified as the only way he could win power?

6. If the answer to that is yes then how come he didn’t actually win and was forced into this unholy alliance with the Lib Dems?

7. If Cameron were forced to quit over the scandal – unlikely I know but not, now, entirely impossible – would Nick Clegg become Prime Minister?

8. Why is no-one talking about the much bigger scandal at News International – the fact that it pays scarcely any tax in this country? When will someone address that question?

9. Which is most hypocritical: the BBC’s gleeful coverage of the whole affair; Steve Coogan’s spluttering and incoherent rage; the idea that somehow Ed Miliband has come out of this well; or Gordon Brown’s rant against the evil empire?

10. Is anyone surprised to learn that some police officers accept a bung now and then from News International reporters?

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